3cmc - Not Intended for Human Consumption!

3-cmc is also called as 3-Chloromethcathinone. This is mainly classified as a research chemical. This is also very close in similarity with the 4-MMC. Prior to its IUPAC Name, it is none other than 1-(3-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one. This also has its formula of C10H12CINO. In addition to that, this has its molecular weight of 197.661.

Prior to this chemical compound, it has only a little information about it. But, this is already becoming more popular in the research chemical market. There are also those who consider it their first time hearing about this compound. That is why this must be approached with extreme care. It actually has the same profile with 3-floromethcathinone.

3-CMC Research Chemical


3-cmc has actually been tried, tested and manufactured in meeting the Guide 34:2009 Guidelines and the ISO17025:2005. This is basically not intended for human consumption. This is also designed to be used being an analytical reference standard. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that it is mainly offered for academic studies and research at some qualified institutions. You will just only need to contact the company’s sales department.

Other Essential Information About It

3-cmc is defined as a substituted form of methcaninone. This features a chlorine atom that is inserted in the so-called Meta position of the phenyl ring. Prior to the toxicological and physiological properties of the compound, they are so far not yet known. This product is also designed for research and forensic applications.

In addition to that, this is known to be a qualified reference material. As per this material, it is tried and tested through the use of some validated analytical methods using only qualified instrumentation. That way, the traceability of measurements will be ensure of. All of the traceable RMs will also be distinguished by way of CofAs.

Technical Information

It will also be essential to learn more about its technical information. As mentioned, its formal name is 1-(3-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-1-propanone, monohydrochloride. It has its formula weight of about 234.1 and it has its purity of 98%. It is also formulated to be a neat solid chemical compound.

In the way that it will be stored, it should fall exactly in -20 Degrees Celsius. It will also be shipped using only the right temperature. It is also known for its stability of 2 years.

Thoughts About 3cmc

3cmc is thought to be really less toxic as compared to the 4-chlorinated ones. It is just that the toxicity is not known including its extent. But, it is really remarkable that it has its easy comedown. This will not really prove anything, but this sounds as something as severe toxicity.

Worry About the Affinity Towards the 5-HT2B

As with this chemical compound, there is a need to worry about the affinity than the 5-HT2B receptors. You could just imagine how dangerous this is. One more thing you need to understand is that 3-mmc is quite bad or not good for the heart. This is classified as something as cathinone. If you will think of adding chlorine, it won’t do any good, so far.

Now, you have learned more about 3cmc that is not intended for human consumption and all its essential information!

3cmc - Substituted Cathinone Belonging to the Methcathinone!

3cmc or what is called as 3-Chloromethcathinone crystal is classified as a research chemical. This is also known for its other names as Chlorinedrone or Chloredrone. This has its derivative form of 3-MMC. This could actually be purchased online. This is also sold by research chemical providers at its best price possible.

Belonging to the substituted cathinone family, 3cmc is indeed known for bringing its stimulant effects. This is also found in its big crystal with purity of 99.5% and above. This has its IUPAC name of 1-(3-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one. This also has its synonyms of meta-chloromethcathinone, meta-chloro-N-methyl-cathinone and 3-cmc.

All Other Significant Information about 3cmc

3cmc is indeed a novel-based research chemical. This is also found by some other researchers to be close to 3-MMC. This has its molecular weight of 197.66. This also has its exact weight of 197.06, as mentioned. This appears in its size of 3.4 millimeters to 10 millimeters. This is truly a new type of research compound.

In the research conducted about it, it was also actually published by Labs/ACD including Chemical Axon. In that reports presented, the chemical compound a density of about 1.0 (plus, negative) 0.1 g/cm3 and a boiling point of 280.2 (positive, negative)23.0 Degrees Celsius at 760 mmHG. This also has its vapor pressure of about 0.0 (positive, negative) 0.6 mmHg at 25 Degrees Celsius. In addition to that, it has its mole refractivity of 53.9 (positive, negative) 0.3 cm3.

Elemental Analysis Showed Something

The company, ChemAxon, published a particular elemental analysis showing that 3cmc has its chemical analog of C11H15NO. This also has its isotope formula of just the same as C11H15NO. This has its composition of C (74.54%), H (8.53%), N (7.9%), O of (9.03%). In that isotope composition, it revealed that the C is (74.54%), H of (8.53%), N of (7.9%) and O of (9.03%).

3-CMC Analog

3-CMC analog actually has a mass of about 177.2429 including an exact mass of about 177.115364107. In a particular topology report, it was also published that it showed an exactly about twenty-eight atom count, twenty-eight bond count, one cyclomatic number and seven chain atom count. In addition to that, it has its seven chain bond count, one asymmetric atom count and three rotatable bond counts. This chemical compound is intended for some research and experimental purposes. This is also useable in a controlled laboratory. This is also once used in a forensic and scientific study. This is not designed for animal or human consumption.

Manufactured, Tried and Tested

3cmc has been manufactured, tried and tested in meeting the Guide 34:2009 Guidelines and ISO17025:2005. This chemical compound is as mentioned to be utilized being an analytical reference standard. In regard with bulk material, it is mainly available for academic research purposes at some qualified institutions.

In addition to what you need to know about 3cmc, it is a substituted from of the methacathinone family. This features a chlorine atom that is inserted in that meta position of phenyl ring. The toxicological and physiological properties of this chemical compound are somehow not yet known.

One more thing is that this chemical compound is considered to be a qualified RM or reference material. This has been manufactured, tried and tested in meeting the guidelines mentioned above. These materials have so far been tried and tested using only the best and most validated analytical methods following a qualified instrumentation. And, that way, the traceability of the measurements will be assured of. All possible traceable RMs will also be distinguished by way of their CofAs.

Not Intended for Human Consumption

One more thing that you need to understand is that 3cmc is not intended for human consumption. This is only designed for laboratory purposes or researches. Make it sure that it is not under the control of your state or country wherein you would want it to be delivered. This could also be ordered only if you fall over eighteen years old.

Buy It from Reputable Supplier

If you will buy 3-cmc, you will need to consider its unquestionable quality. Never ever buy it on the street. Buy only the best 3-cmc from a reputable and reliable supplier. That way, you will be insured of its purity. And thus, you will be able to avoid unexpected effects that might come out from these unexpected ingredients.

One more thing that you will highly appreciate about the reputable provider is that the product is of good quality. There are those who are considered as the leader in the production and manufacture of designer chemicals including research chemicals. They will also pledge to quality and purity. You will only need to see their list of fine products including 3cmc.

Buy From a Trusted and Established Supplier

You will need to give your trust only on a trusted and established supplier of 3cmc.

Now, you already have learned more about 3cmc including its applications and uses and a whole lot more. You will for sure be amazed as you utilize it completely.